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Royal Arcade Boscombe Precinct, Boscombe

fabricate /fabrɪkeɪt/ verb 1. Invent, create, in order to deceive A collective of emerging artists who are pushing photography to its conceptual limits. An exhibition of work from BA Photography students from Arts University Bournemouth Image: © Fabricate All exhibition spaces in the Royal Arcade generously provided by Mr Butterworth Arnewood Estates Ltd

Topia Lottie Lashley

Sovereign Shopping Centre 600 Christchurch Rd, Bounemouth

What world are we living in today? A dystopia or utopia? Lottie Lashley’s video art brings into focus these opposing themes. Lottie has explored and been fascinated by these extremes for many years and hopes to change the viewers perception of the world at this transformative exhibition. Topia © Lottie Lashley


Rejected Substances Morven Shortt

Sovereign Shopping Centre 600 Christchurch Rd, Bounemouth

Rejected Substances is a collection of installation pieces made from dust and tumble drier fluff, which have been compressed in epoxy resin. Discarded materials are transformed into beautiful, tactile, and expressive installations. Out of rejection a new possibility emerged. The beauty within. BEAF Emerging Artist Commission Rejected Substances © Morven Shortt


The Unnatural Mystery Museum (U.M.M.) Ben Irwin

Sovereign Shopping Centre 600 Christchurch Rd, Bounemouth

There is very little known about the U.M.M. other than it is an inter-dimensional museum that is home to exhibits from distant places, and strange worlds, some artefacts, some ideas, all curious. Peer in to explore the artefacts and wonders, and let your eyes become part of the exhibition. Try make a connection with the


Richard Sanz at Richer Sounds

Richer Sounds 545 Christchurch Rd, Boscombe

See the work of animator Richard Sanz displayed on a TV at high street electrical retailer Richer Sounds. Image: © Richard Sanz

Sign of the Times: THE TOYS ARE REVOLTING- Bernadette Russell

Boscombe Centre for Contemporary Arts Police Box Boscombe Precinct, Christchurch Rd, Boscombe

Sat 4 & 6 May: drop in workshops Sat 4 - Sun 12 May: exhibition The BCCA opens its doors again with a programme curated by artist Stuart Semple who launched BCCA with his exhibition, 'It’s OK to ask me if I am not OK’ at the 2018 BEAF Festival. Stuart’s first curated project is

Forest Demeter Dykes

Royal Arcade Boscombe Precinct, Boscombe

This installation consists of a series of ‘trees’ constructed from shredded waste paper and cardboard tubes. The making of the ’trees’ is a low-tech labour-intensive devotion that celebrates the potential transformation of the seemingly mundane. The modest household detritus becomes, in this instance, something playful and optimistic. Forest © Demeter Dykes

I Was Standing In A Place- Tom Woodroffe

Royal Arcade Boscombe Precinct, Boscombe

I Was Standing in A Place is a body of work that is dealing with the artist’s own coming of age and documents the past few years of his life.  “The work is a celebration of the joys, absurdities and romances of the world that I inhabit and the people that are a part of

God Has No Favourites- Lauren Forster

Royal Arcade Boscombe Precinct, Boscombe

An intimate photographic series that explores the artist’s response to her Mother’s diagnosis of secondary brain cancer through until her death on the 17th August 2018. Despite the subject being intensely personal, the images transcend this and speak of a universal narrative about love, family, loss, strength and fragility. Lauren Forster is a portrait and

Dark Lux THE SEA GIRLS- Miriam Troth and Diane Roberts

The Garden Studio 22 Forest View Road, Bournemouth

Migratory birds and insects are affected by excessive light pollution. The installation Dark Lux will attempt to draw attention to the ongoing issues of migration, both enforced and natural, and the poignancy of refugees fleeing in unseaworthy vessels. Dark Lux refers to the shady nature of the enterprise for both the traffickers and the desperate migrants and its