Festival 2021 Submissions

Festival Application Guide

Get involved in Bournemouth’s only independent arts festival

BEAF 2021 – 26th June – 4th July 

Submit your application in as soon as possible because once we receive it, and it’s been checked by our wonderful team we can upload it onto the website, which means you get longer to promote and spread the word!


About BEAF

We support and promote the diverse range of arts and culture happening in Bournemouth and the wider county of Dorset. Now in its third year, BEAF has established itself as the first independent, open access, Bournemouth wide festival.

The Benefits

We offer a platform to try out new work, develop new audiences, gain reputation and enhance exposure to industry professionals. You will meet and build relationships with like-minded creative professionals and have fun along the way. We provide the opportunity for all submitted events to be featured on our website, across our social media sites and in the printed programme. This enables BEAF to help you market your event and link all participating parties together in an exciting celebration of art and culture.

Here’s what we can offer you:

  • Your event listing on the BEAF website, online programme, social media pages and printed programme and promotion of the events through social media channels
  • Support and guidance with event logistics
  • Toolkit to support your media and marketing campaign
  • Invitations to networking and information forums
The Application Process

Keep in mind that the way in which you present your event in the application form is exactly how it will be promoted. Take care to provide descriptions and information that you are happy to be presented to the public.

Submissions need to be independent and entirely organised by yourselves. You will need to ensure permissions are sought, security/stewards organised if necessary, any risk assessments, public liability insurance requirements are planned.

Before submitting you will need have spoken with the intended venue / location and you have all the permissions required to host your event there.

Include 1-3 high resolution (over 1MB) photos that you would like to be used to promote your event. Please do not attach posters or photos with logos or text.

For use on the website, the photos must be below 10MB. If you are unsure how to respond to these requirements, send the largest image you have. If you do not have a specific event image, please provide a suitable royalty free image.

Please note, we will not accept paper versions for submissions.

Support Available

If you need help or assistance with any of the above please use the BEAF Facebook page to post and request and the community should hopefully help provide answers.

This will enable you to chat with other artists and ask any questions you may have. We believe in making the Festival as open access as possible, so if you do not have a clear vision of your own event but you would still like to be creatively involved with someone else’s, you still can! Join the conversation at the BEAF Facebook page here.

After completing the form you will automatically be signed up to the Artist / Contributor mailing list.

DEADLINE: 30th May 2021

N.B. This form requires a google account to upload photos. You can sign in at the top of the submissions form.

Apply Now

Apply via our online Google Form – requires a Google account to gain access.

Apply Now

Download our PDF if you do not have a Google account.