BEAF plays an important role in placemaking, using our local knowledge and expertise to develop bold, innovative arts led projects that enhance and improve the local environment. As a Development Agency, BEAF works in collaboration with many local businesses, agencies and government bodies to promote local heritage, cultural identity and place working with the local communities to create change.

The Boscombe Owl Mural

Krishna Malla, known as Tech Moon, created a huge mural of an owl that is attracts a lot of attention in Boscombe. Commissioned by BEAF, the 12-metre high artwork, took three weeks to create using 75 cans of paint and was funded as part of the £1 million accelerated Town Deal grant for the Bournemouth area. It is the first of five murals designed to add a splash of creativity as part of plans to regenerate the area.

B.A.D. Elephant Mural

In the early 1900’s, travelling circuses brought elephants and many other wild animals to the Hippodrome, now the O2 Academy, entertaining thousands of people annually. These majestic animals would be paraded down the high street between the shows, which in itself became an iconic event for the town. This has become Krishna Malla’s, known as Tech Moon, inspiration for the mural scaling 29 m wide and 6m high, and features a herd of six elephants stampeding ontop of B.A.D.

Lord Dashington Mural

The Lord Dashington mural was created by Krishna Malla, commonly known as Tech Moon. The much-celebrated large scale Dachshund mural, saw a huge response from the local community, including a group photo being organised in front of it featuring over 100 dog owners with their pet Dachshunds!

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