Skating with an artist

Guess what!? We’re extending our Design a Deck Competition! Don’t worry, we’ve got half term covered and we’re giving you until the 14th June. We have been overwhelmed with the number of entries we have received so far, that we have decided you give you even longer to get your entry in!  Why not give yourself more chances to win with a second, third or even a fourth design, the skies the limit.

Say Hello to Eloise

To get you in the mood for more designing we chatted with Eloise Dörr, one of our amazing panel of judges about skating, illustrating and what came first.

Introduce yourself, tell us a bit about what you do.

Hi! My name’s Eloise Dörr, I’m an artist based in London and I paint little skateboarding characters and their adventures. I take them on journeys ranging from spots I’ve been to, pushing down the city streets at night, nature-y scenes etc. They’ve become somewhat of a self-portrait over the years, I can kind of say what I want to say with these characters without having to say much at all. 

What came first, skating or illustrating/designing? 

Art came first, I’ve had a sketchbook on the go ever since I was a kid. I always loved painting and drawing in school, it was definitely the subject I excelled in the most. After I left school and was in-between things that’s when I started skating, I was about 16/17. I was still drawing all the time too, I had a little blog for my work that I’d post in most days. When I started skating I think it only took a couple of weeks til I merged the 2 together and started creating what would become these characters. 

Where do you find inspiration? 

Mostly through skating with my friends, but also other artists’ work, nature, the weather, the list goes on! Anything that makes me feel a strong emotion, whether it’s contentment, anxiety, even boredom, it can be a source of inspiration. 

Where’s your favourite place to create and your favourite place to skate? 

My favourite place to create is definitely my studio. I have a small space in East London, it’s a mezzanine office space above a motorbike workshop that some friends share. It’s a really nice vibe there, it’s my own little hideaway where I can just let the creative juices flow! Favourite spot for skating at the moment is probably this curb spot in Aldgate, there’s tiny banks, nice flat ground, ride on curbs, everything you could want! But I also have to shout out the local folkestone gardens, I go there a few mornings a week. The morning crew are sound as, it’s a lovely vibe there. 

What does being human mean to you? 

Doing the best with what we’ve got.

A big thank you to Eloise for chatting with us, we cannot wait to share all of your amazing designs with our judges.

Don’t forget…

In case you need reminding, we launched our Design a Deck competition to raise awareness and vital funds for Noyce Gardens DIY. Who are working super hard to revive an abandoned skatepark in Townsend, all on a voluntary basis! The skate park was covered in dirt by the council and then left to completely grow over. 

How to Enter:

We’re inviting you to download our skateboard template HERE, enter your design to and donate whatever you can via our Just Giving Page to help this great cause. (Suggested donation £2 per entry) In return you could win some pretty cool prizes:

Under18s Winner: £50 to spend at Moose Skates

Over 18s Winner: £150 to spend at Moose Skates & your design printed and sold

All entries will be exhibited during this year’s festival; 26th June – 4th July. Where you will get another chance to win some great prizes!

Don’t forget to tag us in your designs on the gram’ to feature in our story!

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