The BEAF Herd has been named!

Aritst, Krishna Malla, commonly known as Tech Moon, was commissioned by BEAF to create this mural as part of our festival this year. His much-celebrated mural last year, a large scale Dachshund that still remains in Boscombe, saw a huge response from the local community, including a group photo being organised in front of it featuring over 100 owners with their pet Dachshunds!

“I want this mural to celebrate the rich history of Boscombe, and this magnificent creature, yet draw attention to animal welfare. We can marvel and appreciate the beauty of creatures such as this, immortalised across some 30 meters of wall without having to ride them in foreign countries or watch them dance in circuses.” Krishna Malla, Technicolour Moon

A Memory of Elephants

This year, Krishna’s mural has a poignant significance to the town.

Looking back to the early 1900’s, travelling circuses such as the Royal Italian Circus, Billy Smarts Circus, and Chapmans Continental Zoo Circus are among a few that brought elephants and many other wild animals to the Hippodrome, now the O2 Academy, entertaining thousands of people annually. These majestic animals would be paraded down the high street between the shows, which in itself became an iconic event for the town.

This has become Krishna Malla’s inspiration for the new mural scaling 29 m wide and 6m high, and features a herd of six elephants stampeding out of the front section of the Sovereign Centre.

Name the BEAF herd!

We asked the local community to help name the herd by voting for their favourite names beginning with the letter, ‘B’!

Read on to see the final chosen names and their meanings:

Arabic translation meaning splendour or glory.
This name has various translations but we love the link to Boscombe and our friends over at Boscanova!
This means freedom in Bengali;Hindu origin.
We had 3 separate people message us to say that a family member was called Beryl and loved elephants! What are the chances! So this is for all the wonderful Beryl’s who lived locally.
This is a Sanskrit name translated as “enlightenment” or “awakening” which relates to a Buddhist concept, wherein Bodhi is synonymous with the state of nirvana, being freed from hate, greed and ego.
The second baby of the herd. We figure he looked pretty Beafy… 🙂


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