Kickstarting Accessibility

We are kickstarting our accessibility procedures with our new team!

BEAF DELIVERY ALERT – We’ve got fresh meat in!

Meet our kickstarters, Angel, Lucy, and Maddy!
New additions to BEAF this year, the kickstart team are always ready for a challenge!
No job is too big or small for this dedicated group who have completed tasks on their Big BEAF list in web building to marketing and festival management.
They particularly enjoy cooking up new and exciting engagement ideas that they hope you’ll love!


Hi there! I’m Angel and I’m part of the kickstart team.

I graduated from Royal Holloway in History, Philosophy and Politics last year and will begin training as a social worker next summer. My area of expertise is arts therapy and I have worked to host events in this field both nationally and internationally for the last 6 years, with the central philosophy that the arts are a great outlet for everyone, regardless of talent. Working with BEAF has given me an amazing opportunity to learn and interact with the arts world as well as foster a range of invaluable skills in management and mediation.

What has been your favourite task?

My favourite task so far has been recording the new audio recording interaction addition to the Gallery – I had a great time putting on my radio voice! Listen here

What are you most looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to hosting the kid’s arts workshops that will be taking place in the Gallery through September – Book here to get crafty with us!


Hello! I’m Lucy and I got my degree in photography from AUB in 2020. I’ve had an amazing time working on BEAF this year and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to exhibit my work with Hiatus in the festival. I am the co-founder of Tied to Light, a collective of recent arts graduates. Showcasing my work with BEAF and working closely in its organisation has given me a unique insight into the festival as both artist and co-ordinator, which has allowed me to build a cache of knowledge in both areas that has been instrumental in building my profile and skills as an artist and curator. 

See more of my work here 

What has been your favourite task?

I enjoyed coming up with weird and wacky shots as principal photographer on the Dudettes With A Sign instagram – Check it out here

What are you most looking forward to?

Christmas is right around the corner and I can’t wait to show off what BEAF have planned! 


Hiya Maddy here! I finished my undergrad in fine art and graduate in residence last year, both with AUB to take on my new post with BEAF. I’m very interested in art event organisation and curation so BEAF proved the perfect place to engage in some hands-on learning. I also work with other arts organisations in the area such as B-Side and Spudworks – balancing my rotation in these companies has allowed me to pick up and transfer knowledge from a range of instructors and implement my ideas from the Living Room Project to b-side project and of course within the BEAF festival. 

What has been your favourite task?

I have found liaising with artists really enjoyable as it has allowed me to engage and learn from creators with an array of different backgrounds and fortes. 

What are you most looking forward to?

I am currently organising a film club to be held in the B.A.D cinema space which I am very excited for – Take a look here


Our talented “kicks” have been overseeing the update of our accessibility procedures ahead of the Gallery reopening on Thursday 9th September. Our BAD review cards gave us a great insight into what you loved about BEAF this year and what we could do even better.

Take a look at the updates we’re showcasing for our big B.A.D reopening!

Bigger, Better, Bolder

The wall panels  detailing artists and their works have now been updated; all descriptions are now printed in larger font to make them easier to read. 

We’re also very excited to showcase our new audio recordings! All wall panels are accompanied by a new BEAF QR code – Scan them in the Gallery to be taken to BEAF’s Soundcloud, where you can listen to accompanying audio as you peruse each exhibit!

Have a listen here!

Reading for all

Alternative text is an important feature for users with access needs; it allows us to provide our image content in a text based format that can be used to relay information on the image using screen readers.

Images used on our website are now embedded with alternative text. The latest social media images have been updated and going forward all images posted to social media sites will include alternative text. 

Take a load off

Seating is now available at the Gallery in the Pen pop up shop area to the right of the main entrance as you enter. Chairs are also available on request should this area be in use. 


Keeping up with the Kicks

The kicks will be posting more news about their artistic escapades over the next few weeks.

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