William Kentridge inspires BEAF 2021

William Kentridge inspires BEAF 2021

We have shared our ideas, asked for your thoughts and now we want to introduce William Kentridge, and share why his work ‘Other Faces’ was the inspiration behind this years festival theme 2B Human. We are honoured and excited to be exhibiting ‘Other Faces’ during the 2021 festival.

sharing personal stories linked to the complexity of existence, to uncertainty and to broader reflections on the human condition

 2B Human

For BEAF 2021 Artists we set the theme of what it means to be human.  The theme was introduced through the words of visionary artist William Kentridge, which provided a starting point for ideas and motivations for proposals. We were also particularly interested in proposals which involve community engagement, or from practitioners who work in socially engaged practice.

Who is William Kentridge?

William Kentridge drawing

William Kentridge drawing

William Kentridge is one of the world’s greatest living artists. Born in Johannesburg to lawyers well-known for representing people marginalised by the apartheid. Kentridge has had an expansive career which has seen him design opera sets, stage multi-disciplinary performances and create hard-hitting and poignant drawings and animations.

Kentridge grew up amidst the racial turmoil in South Africa. It is this racial tension which informs his art. His work explores the legacy of apartheid, as well as the human condition, and the ever-repeating cycles of history and memory.

“Drawing is about fluidity and testing ideas”

Kentridge only ever draws in charcoal with touches of blue and red pastel.  His drawings are then progressively altered through erasure and overdrawing, and given a few seconds on a 35 mm film camera.

Other Faces

William Kentridge's drawing of a man with a camera

A still from William Kentridge’s Other Faces animation

‘Other Faces’ is Kentridge’s latest foray into cinematic animation. It sees the return of character Soho Eckstein. A character from previous films who is a Caucasian industrialist and land developer living in post-apartheid South Africa.

This film is the newest addition to the artist’s Drawings for Projection series which began in 1989 with Johannesburg, 2nd Greatest City after Paris. The film attempts to narrate the socio-political traumas experienced by individuals in the wake of apartheid and civil war.

Eckstein’s story in Other Faces begins when is involved in a car accident with a black preacher in front of a black African church in downtown Johannesburg.  Kentridge oscillates the narrative between the event and Eckstein’s thoughts using his unique style of animation.  The music, provided by fellow South African Philip Miller, evokes another layer of pathos, as Eckstein’s story unfolds.

BEAF 2021

You will be able to see ‘Other Faces’ between 29th June – 6th July at this years festival.

If you are inspired by William Kentridge and our theme 2B Human, there is still time to send us your open submissions application HERE  and join us for BEAF 2021!

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