BEAF Lockdown

Here at BEAF HQ, creativity and community is always at the heart of what we do, especially in unprecedented times like these. We wanted to share with you all the ways we have been busy supporting our artists, students and the local community since lockdown began:

Supporting artists and freelancers

  • Continued to employ our freelance team, so we can keep our communications channels active and keep communication with our artists and community
  • Setting up online projects, to keep engagement with our community and artists such as our Wallpaper Competition
  • Provided free studio space for artists in our pop-up space, B.A.D. Boscombe Arts Depot

Supporting AUB & BU students

  • Continuing to offer and manage 5 student work placements from Arts University Bournemouth to guarantee they can complete their assessed Unit and ensure they complete their Level 5 and Level 6 studies;
  • Supported and found ways to work with 20 BU Media students through their Level 5 media project
  • Acted as client for a further Level 5 project with Arts University Bournemouth students which commenced in February and involved over 80 students

Staying in touch

  • Launched a weekly newsletter highlighting artists in lockdown to bring the local community together – BEAF Stew, the good newsletter.
  • Launched our #BEAFATHOME project with a series of ‘artists at home’ videos
  • Sharing support links and engaging arts projects to keep our local community creatively active.

Supporting our local community

  • Connecting with and promoting local small businesses in BCP area who are still operating during lockdown
  • Provided free storage for Dorset Children’s Foundation at Boscombe Arts Depot

Continuing to create

  • We have commissioned one artist to complete a major artwork with clearance for this work to be completed during lockdown – more exciting new on this VERY soon! 
  • We will be setting up a ‘through the window’ exhibition programme in our pop-up venue B.A.D. on Boscombe precinct.

Support for the marginalised and vulnerable

We are committed to supporting the marginalised and vulnerable members of our community through our project The Outsiders Project. This includes:

  • Running 2 free online weekly creative writing workshops each week. This has kept regular contact with 27 participants on the women only course and 18 participants on the open access group
  • Continued to employ our outsider workshop leaders to run the online workshops
  • Continued to employ our mentor so one-to-one support for the most vulnerable and isolated participants can be supported
  • Provided free access to writing workshops via Nell Leyshon’s You Tube sessions
  • Set up a new online project TATTOO moving the original idea for the performance to an online writing programme
  • Supporting members of the writing group to ‘gather’ stories for the online Tattoo project
  • Started a new partnership with Hampstead Theatre for the Tattoo project

For the featured illustration we commissioned Bournemouth based illustrator Bridie Cheeseman.

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