Beautiful Beryl

Dedication to the beautiful Beryl’s of Boscombe

To celebrate the unveiling of our new mural A Memory of Elephants created by BEAF 2020 commissioned artist Krishna Malla, we held a poll for people to vote for the names of the six elephants.

One of those names chosen was Beryl, which has a huge personal significance for two families who live in Bournemouth.

Local residents Chemene and her niece Carrie both contacted us to say how meaningful it was that one of the names chosen was Beryl. So we were really keen to meet them and find out more! This is their story:

Tell us a bit about the significance of the name Beryl for you?

Carrie: It means the world to me and my family that one of the elephants has been named Beryl as it was the name of my beautiful Grandma – Beryl Margaret Anne Sutton. I know that Beryl was quite a popular choice of name during my grandma’s era so I hope there are many more local Beryl’s that will appreciate the name choice also!

Chemene: My mum loved all animals, but elephants were her favourite. I remember from my very first memories her love for elephants. She was a member of animal charities and we always had family pets, which she adored. Mother elephants are known for being exceptional mothers and this reminds me of how my mum was as a mother too, it’s almost like she had that connection with them.

Carrie: My Grandma was also very outspoken when it came to animal welfare and it broke her heart to see and hear of the mistreatment of elephants all over the world, being used for tourism and entertainment, illegal hunting and so on, and so I know to have her name attached to the beautiful artwork on display, raising awareness of these beautiful creatures, would have meant the absolute world to her as well.

Chemene: I know my Mum will be looking down and feeling so proud an elephant has been named after her, it would make her day and she’d be so happy. She honestly was such a beautiful and caring lady who always saw the best in people.

Beryls Elephants

What are your favourite memories of Boscombe growing up?

Carrie: I have loads of childhood memories of Boscombe, my great grandmother lived there all her life and my grandma Beryl and I would often go to visit and spend the day either visiting the shops in the high street, stopping for lunch in one of the little cafes, having a cola sat outside the Commodore pub, or on the beach and walking the cliffs. I particularly used to enjoy watching the trains pass through from my great grandmother’s window as she lived in St Clements Road, running parallel with the train tracks.

Chemene: My memories of Boscombe were always when we visited my Nan – Beryl’s mother. We would spend many a time at the beach and walking through the gardens and cliff tops.
What does it mean to you and your family having Beryl’s dedicated to one of elephants in the mural?

Chemene: The day I received the email to say an elephant had been named Beryl, I couldn’t stop crying. It was such a happy emotional feeling, and I think it was more so that if she was still here, how she would’ve been so happy. I know every time any of my family visits Boscombe, we will all look at the mural and it will mean so much to us for many years to come. I’d also like to say how happy I am for my dad too, he was a fantastic husband to my mum and supported her throughout her whole life. We will always remember her when we see the mural and feel so proud of this truly special lady.

Carrie: I love the new artwork, I think it really brightens the high street up and I hope many more generations will get to enjoy it as much as we are.

Alongside Carrie and Chemene, our very own Harri Uren who is part of our marketing team at BEAF also shares a personal significance to the name Beryl!

Harri: My Nana, Beryl, is a very kind and special person. She grew up in Corhampton Road, on the outskirts of Boscombe. She has continued to live in Bournemouth and Poole throughout her entire life, which makes this mural very special to our family. Elephants have always been a big part of my family! We have many elephant themed items in our home and seeing any photos or videos of elephants always reminds me of my Nana and Mum. Having one of the elephants named Beryl feels very special to us, as unfortunately my Nana was recently diagnosed with Dementia. So having an elephant named after her provides us with a special memory of what a wonderful person she is! From now on, I will always look at that mural and think of my Nana and the treasured times we’ve had in Bournemouth together.

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