Submission Disclaimer

Before submitting any products, concepts, ideas, images, photographs, descriptions or other
materials (collectively, the “Submission”) to Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe (BEAF) through the Submission Process, you must read and agree to this Submission Disclaimer and Guidelines.
You acknowledge, understand and agree that BEAF is under no obligation whatsoever
to review, consider, publish, develop, sell or otherwise use the Submission or to
develop, continue to develop or otherwise produce any product or any other material
or content, whether or not involving your or anyone else’s Submission or otherwise.
Submission Guidelines: You represent and warrant that you have read, understand and
shall follow these Submission Guidelines. You understand, acknowledge and agree that
upon your submission of the Submission to BEAF, that the Submission materials
become the property of BEAF and BEAF shall not have any obligation to return or
account to you for any Submissions you submit to BEAF, that BEAF is not under any
obligation to provide you with any compensation or credit (verbal or written) for the
Submission and/or BEAF’s use of the Submissions.
You represent and warrant that the Submission is your original creation, there are no
adverse claims in or to the Submission and the Submission does not violate any copyright,
patent (including design patent), trademark, trade name, or the rights of any third party,
and is not otherwise unlawful
Similar Material: You acknowledge that other persons may have submitted photographs,
ideas, concepts, products or other material to BEAF, may have made public, or may
originate, submit or make public, material similar or identical to any materials,
proposals, suggestions, concepts and the like relating to your Submission. You
acknowledge both that BEAF receives numerous submissions of similar, equivalent or
even identical content, products, information or material from many parties and/or may
have already developed and/or considered similar or identical concepts to those
contained in the Submission and that BEAF’s review of the Submission is not an
admission of novelty, priority or originality. You understand and agree you will not be
entitled to any compensation because of the use of, or because of the manner
associated with, any content, information or material that is similar, equivalent or even
identical to the content, information or material relating to your Submission. Even if
you subsequently see or learn of a product which appears to incorporate any idea or
concept or include anything similar to that contained in the Submission that you or
anyone else submits to BEAF (“Other Product”), you agree that BEAF shall have no
obligation to you with respect to any such Other Product. You will not assume or infer
that your Submission has been accepted, produced or otherwise used.
Miscellaneous: You acknowledge, understand and agree that (a) there does not now
exist, nor has there ever existed, nor will there exist, a fiduciary or confidential
relationship between you and BEAF and that the Submission is not being submitted in
confidence or in trust, nor are you an agent nor acting on behalf of or as a
representative of BEAF in connection with the Submission; (b) you are making this
submission on a voluntary and unsolicited basis; (c) you have not agreed to this
disclaimer in reliance upon any representation or promise, whether written or oral; (d)
you acknowledge that you will be required to execute a formal agreement with BEAF in
the event that BEAF intends to use your Submission.
By making your Submission, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by this
Submission Disclaimer and Guidelines. If you do not agree to be so bound, you must
not make a Submission.