The Vodka Hunters is a site specific story-telling piece which explores motherhood and fatherhood. Set in a derelict building, the audience move through the rooms to discover different voices and compelling stories, told by each of the performers.


“An extraordinary performance piece.”  Bournemouth Echo

“Visceral is an overused word in reviews but this really did live up to it.” Nuffield Theatre, Southampton

“Thoughtful, thought provoking , intense, full of authenticity and integrity with welcome moments of levity.” Activate


Written and performed by Jane Cartwright, Cecilia Gail, Scott Lavene and Gary Pierre

Director: Nell Leyshon

Producer: Carol Maund

Lighting and Tech: Geoff Stevens

Stage Design: Alex Shore


Performed as part of BEAF (Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe) Festival 2018

Funded by Arts Council England through the Lottery, The Big Lottery and Activate Performing Arts

Kindly supported by Lovett Estate and Letting Agent