Access BEAF is a group of emerging artists from across Bournemouth and Dorset. The initial group was first set up in 2021 to enable global majority practitioners in the area to support one another, including those who have experienced racism and may have faced barriers into accessing the arts and education. Since obtaining funding from Paul Hamlyn Foundation we aim to develop the project into our first Access BEAF Residents Programme 2023-2024.

 Access BEAF aims to deliver an ongoing programme that offers opportunities for the group to develop their work, extend their skills and experiences and to help steer the future activities of BEAF. The programme includes artists’ talks and workshops, visits and other development opportunities.

 Access BEAF welcomes all artists from the global majority. Artists in the group work across a variety of art forms, from visual arts to animation, textiles to illustration, there is no need to have studied art or have any art qualifications, just a willingness to add to the conversation. The group usually meets one evening a month, but there are other opportunities to get involved in the work of BEAF, from volunteering, internships, or attending activities organised by our partners, for example the creative hub meetings held at The Old School House, Boscombe.


If you would like to be part of our growing community within Access BEAF then please sign up using the form below and we will get in contact with you with upcoming group meetings and opportunities. 

Access BEAF 2024

In 2024 we launched our Resident Artists Programme. Led by Access BEAF Associate Artists Jessica Ashman and Raju Rage who will act as mentors and guide the residents towards a final collaborative exhibition/event in late October 2024, alongside two commissions by the Associate Artists.

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Associate Artists

Jessica Ashman

Jessica Ashman (she/her) is a multi-disciplinary artist working in moving image, painting, music (under the name Spirit Sigh) and audio visual performance. Ashman combines traditional drawn, collage, digital and multi-plane animation techniques with projection, painting and performance in her work, creating frenetic, textured and abstract narratives that explore gender, identity and race.

She is particularly interested in concepts of ‘the personal archive’ as a social political force, drawing on the wider stories of the Black British diaspora communities she was raised in and the histories lost or hidden in said communities. Black radical feminist theory and science fiction literature are also a heavy influence on Ashman’s practice, especially when it comes to narrative world building.

As Spirit Sigh, Ashman’s soundscapes and music are cinematic and heavily narrative based, relying on a mix of self-taught guitar (from her time as part of DIY Space for London’s, First Timers, that saw Ashman create her former band, Secret Power) and Ashman’s own vocals. Ashman seeks to create transformative spaces that complement the animated worlds she makes, leaning in to discordant riffs, dark reverbed ambience, layered harmonies and poetry.

Jessica teaches experimental animation at Goldsmiths and also works with art galleries as part of a wider arts education workshop strand of her artistic practice, having worked with Tate and South London Gallery. Jessica is currently in residence at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery as part of UAL’s 20/20 programme.

Raju Rage

Raju Rage (they/them) is proactive about using art, education and activism to forge creative survival.

Born in Kenya, raised in London and living/working beyond, they explore the spaces and relationships between dis/connected bodies/beings, theory and practice, text and corporeality and aesthetics and the political substance.

Their practice is expansive, often combining elements of print, sculpture, installation, text, audio-video, anti/performance, workshops, culinary arts + more

They are a member of Collective Creativity arts collective and are a creative educator, and independent scholar with an interest in radical pedagogy.

Raju has trained as a pastry chef and baker, worked in several corporate and community kitchens and been part of a baker’s collective.

Resident Artists

We are thrilled to accept the following 11 Residents onto the Access BEAF Residnets Programme 2023-2024.

Monica Bonomo, (she/her). Born in Argentina. Artist and herbalist exploring ancestral plant knowledge. She focuses on ecological concerns and alternative living practices through participating in international residencies.

Anne Charbel (she/her), Anne is a writer and actor based in Bournemouth. She trained with the Identity School of Acting. Anne has performed with several local theatre groups, and is a member of the poetry collective Kainaat.

Carmel De’Lisser (she/her), Carmel is a proud Boscombe resident, self taught artist and holistic creative workshop facilitator. Using materials to invite a sense of play and curiosity, helping others find joy in the act of creating without fear or judgement.

Mahtab Grimshaw (she/her), Mahtab is a British/Iranian multidisciplinary artist with a 1st class (B.A.) degree in Puppetry Theatre from the Division of Fine Arts, University of Tehran, followed by a 1st class (M.A.) degree in Drama & Literature. Her puppet making skill has been adapted to making static female figures and sculptures after immigration. In the last 10 years she has worked as art director, TV host and producer for Farsi speaking media in London. She is also a self taught animation director and illustrator working mainly with Farsi speaking media around the world.

Sharon James (she/her), Sharon is a multidisciplinary artist. Currently her main focus is painting. Her work also includes printmaking, drawing and digital collage. She visually investigates her experiences as a black, gay mother of three. Documenting the ‘white noise’ of motherhood. The things that we see so often, that we forget to marvel in their extraordinariness. Her work also explores her cultural heritage, queer identity and current events.

Prajvi Mandhani (she/her), Prajvi works across video, sound, performance, printmaking and drawing. She draws inspiration from her home in Delhi, India as well as the landscapes around Bournemouth. She is interested in ways of translating the haptic memory of a place through video installations. She is currently exploring collective sound-making practices through participatory performances. 

Adilson Naueji (he/him), Adilson is an enthusiast of human characteristics and history. The foundation of his work is based on realistic portraits in acrylic and oil on canvas.

Huda Osni (she/they), Huda is a Bawean Singaporean filmmaker based in Bournemouth, currently an undergraduate at Art University Bournemouth. Passionate about exploring their ethnicity and nationality, they delve into the complexities of cultural erasure through moving images. Huda is currently showcasing a body of work online with a keen understanding of the intersection between heritage, identity, and the visual arts.

Nicholas Teo (he/him), Nicholas is a Singaporean filmmaker and photographer now based in Bournemouth. A self proclaimed “jack of all trades” creative, Nicholas bounces between the documentary, fashion, and fine art genres, but always aims to advocate through his work.

Elizabeth Walker (she/her), Elizabeth was born in Zapopan Mexico and grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She now lives and works in the UK, currently completing her BA in Fine Art at Arts University Bournemouth. She is a painter with her mediums including oil paint, ink and collage. Her oil paintings explore themes of memory and diaspora.

Karina West (she/her), Karina is a Poole-based artist with a passion for shining the spotlight onto her own lived experiences of being both dual -heritage and a single mother. She is a mixed media artist incorporating mediums including painting, textiles, punch needle embroidery, sound and installation. Karina aims to invite you in to see the world through an alternative narrative to spark conversation inspiring compassion and open mindedness.


So far we have welcomed visiting artists; Jade Montserrat, melissandre varin, Sadie Edginton, Harold Offeh and A Particular Reality, as well as sessions with visiting artist as part of OSC to Boscombe. 

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