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Kickstarting my creative career with BEAF and TOSH: Frescy Kopanycia-Reynolds

Both BEAF and our partner TOSH (The Old School House) have worked with dedicated, creative young people through the government kickstart scheme, which provided funding to create 6 month roles for 16 to 24 year olds on Universal Credit.

After graduating in Photography from UAL in the midst of COVID, Frescy Kopanycia-Reynolds returned home to Poole, joining us in November last year. This month our hearts will truly be broken as our last kickstarters leave us, including Frescy. This is what she has to say about her time with us!

My time at beaf

“BEAF has provided me with an endless list of experiences, from my first day co-running a Christmas market to our latest cinema events. Having never studied marketing or events management previously, the scheme has been incredibly helpful in developing my career path. I have also gained an understanding that I have a very strong interest in managing people and creative events. 

In the six months of working with BEAF I have learnt sooo much. I will be sad to leave such an amazing and talented bunch of people. BEAF is really working its magic around Boscombe. Its bringing the community together in as many creative ways as possible. I can’t wait to see what the next few years brings BEAF, as well our amazing coworking space – TOSH.”

my time at tosh

“Working at TOSH has been such an incredible experience. Surrounded by such talented creatives and bouncing ideas off each other. You gain lifelong friends and overall, just having such a wonderful time. After leaving university I forgot how encouraging it is to just be in a creative space and have likeminded others around you.”

“By supporting the running of TOSH over my six months here, I have really gained an understanding of the space. I love that TOSH is inclusive of all creatives. They are supporting each and every individual in their businesses and creative pathways. I think this space is such an amazing opportunity to not only work in a beautifully designed space but be involved in the creative community.”

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We wish Frescy and all of our Kickstarters all the best! They have offered invaluable support to us, and we will be keeping up with their journeys!

Check out what Frescy is up to here.

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