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Hello Again!

2022 brings a hot new roster of arts events and activities to BEAF and really, who could pass that up?! Certainly not me! Angel here, back again! I am excited to be working with BEAF and to give a rundown on one of the many new BEAF projects set to come your way.

Find out more below!

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Access BEAF!

BEAF is launching an exciting new engagement project for young creatives from diverse backgrounds in the Bournemouth area.

The project aims to deliver an ongoing programme that offers opportunities to develop their work and extend their skills and experiences, interact with other creatives, and invite them to help steer future activity at BEAF.

My role is to research and connect with young creatives of colour and establish what support they feel would serve them best.

Our end goal is to deliver an ongoing programme which will offer opportunities to develop their work, as mentioned above.

Our lovely BAD review cards have given us some great insights into what you’d love and like to see next. We want to take this further by collecting pointed and focussed feedback for BEAF as well.

It is incredibly important to ensure we make conscientious efforts to build a BEAF that is collaborative and accessible for all. Building relationships and a collective of knowledge is crucial to ensuring we are listening and providing what is desired and beneficial to our creative seaside community.

That’s where you come in!

Get Involved!

We would love to hear from our BEAF and Bournemouth community who fall in the target demographic for their unique insights and perspectives!

Please keep in mind our definition of creatives is wide in scope and not exclusive to established or professional creatives. We want to hear from you no matter where you are in your creative journey!

Drop us your deets to share your two cents and get involved!

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