Blog: Tom Pouncy 05.05.22

kickstarting my creative career with BEAF and Tosh: Tom Pouncy

Both BEAF and our partner TOSH (The Old School House) have worked with dedicated, creative young people through the government kickstart scheme, which provided funding to create 6 month roles for 16 to 24 year olds on Universal Credit.

After graduating in Creative Events from AUB in the midst of COVID, Tom Pouncy joined us in November last year to start building his career experience. This month our hearts will truly be broken as our last kickstarters leave us, including Tom – this is what he has to share about his time with us!

“Working for Recreate Dorset has proved to be an absolute gem in the rough. Having had the opportunity to work with BEAF at TOSH has given me more confidence in producing events. It has also allowed me to enhance my network in BCP, following my study. Having access to such a thriving community of creatives opens doors for collaboration and helps to provide a co-creative working culture in our area, which is so hard to find as a fresh postgraduate.”

My time at beaf

“It’s hard to conclude my time with BEAF, I’ve done so many things since I started here 6 months ago. I’ve helped manage a month-long Christmas maker’s market, multiple Sofa cinema events, two Enchanted Cinema events. I also had the opportunity to support some incredible projects run by local community pioneers, like The Outsiders Project Boscombe.”

“It’s been really fast paced, there’s always been something to work on. Although that sounds intimidating, ultimately it’s been the most fulfilling experience.”

“BEAF is in the process of developing the Boscombe Arts Depot (B.A.D.), in the old TJ Hughes building at the Sovereign Centre. It is used as an events venue, hosting a variety of performances and shows. With a theatre space, exhibition hall, sofa cinema and more, there is endless events programming potential for this space. I’ve worked closely with the Directors to produce an unforgettable series of events at B.A.D. These were much needed by the community here, especially after COVID. It has been so special working within creative spaces here in BCP, alongside upcoming artists. There definitely needs to be more jobs available in the area for postgraduates, like this one! 

BEAF has been a wonderful organisation to work with and I will definitely keep in touch for future projects. They have been a great support to my career progression and really do value people’s ideas. During my Kickstart period, I have received weekly mentor meetings, a rare and treasured offer of guidance after education.

My time at tosh

“I’ve had the chance to connect with local and like-minded creatives at TOSH. Being in the space has been a great way of finding structure. Combined with working with some invaluable projects in our area, I’ve had the creative freedom to start realising my own ambitions for cultural events. Alongside other hardworking creatives, there’s always a good vibe and sometimes even a dog to brighten your day!”

“TOSH hosts a variety of events and workshops in the community areas of the building. I’ve been planning a fundraiser workshop for Ukraine and been a part of the coordination of the upcoming community/sensory garden space onsite. Boscombe has an ever-growing group of creative people, makers, freelancers and businesses that TOSH hopes to support and be at the heart of. I will be in total grief to leave this workspace at the end of my placement!

To anyone that’s new to the community and is reading this, make sure you sign up to the ‘BEAF STEW’ newsletter to be the first to know about opportunities like this one, and the brill events BEAF and TOSH bring.”

We wish Tom and all of our Kickstarters all the best. They have offered invaluable support to us, and we will be keeping up with their journeys!

Check out what Tom is up to here.

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